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200 BM Daily Vocabulary #176 | indigenous

August 30, 2019

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Today’s word is: indigenous. Would you like to know what it means? It means: produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment, originating where it is found

In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word indigenous. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.

The word indigenous is used to express something which belongs to the native region. It is a species, custom or a product which originates at a particular location.

For example, Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.
Listen carefully how we can use the word indigenous in 8 different situations in 8 different sentences.

Example number 1 of 8: The Indian railway design centre has made a spectacular progress in manufacturing indigenous railway coaches. These are economical and have undergone rigorous testing for Indian environment conditions.

Example number 2 of 8: Claudia was part of a team that travelled to Brazil. This travel was sponsored by a research institute. The objective of the team was to study the indigenous and vulnerable species living in the local forests.

Example number 3 of 8: The indigenous population on the island was suffering from bone related diseases. An NGO sent a team of specialist doctors to investigate the matter. Their meticulous research exposed the presence of chemicals in the drinking water which caused the diseases.

Example number 4 of 8: The restaurant in a Southern state of India has a reputation of using only indigenously sourced spices and ingredients. It is observed that the foodies travel from different parts of the country to taste the food here.

Example number 5 of 8: The purchase manager was emphasizing more on import of raw materials. The CEO suggested that he should try and use the indigenous sources of raw material so that the local industry gets more business and the company saves on foreign exchange.

Example number 6 of 8: As the tendency to consume imported fruits and vegetables is increasing, the market share of indigenous agricultural produce is getting affected. To counter this, the farmers are holding farmers’ markets to promote the local variety.

Example number 7 of 8: Diwakar was a local entrepreneur. He observed that the electric toy cars sold in his city were priced excessively high. He sensed a lucrative opportunity and designed an economically priced wooden toy car using indigenous raw materials.

Example number 8 of 8: Do you know how many regional languages are spoken in India? The research suggests that the answer is 22. However, most of the prevalent Apps are available in English. In order to thrust a larger percentage of population towards the online medium, indigenous Apps developed in regional languages must be encouraged.

Today we learnt the word indigenous which means produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment, originating where it is found.

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