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200 BM Daily Vocabulary #153 | lavish

August 7, 2019

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Today’s word is: lavish. The meaning of lavish is: large, impressive or expensive, very generous, elaborate, luxurious, using or giving in large amounts

In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word lavish. We are sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently.

The word lavish means something that is very large in scale, luxury or amount spent.

For example: The manufacturer arranged a lavish party for his best performing dealers.   

Listen carefully how we can use the word lavish in 8 different situations in 8 different sentences.

Example number 1 of 8:  Have you seen the visuals of Republic day parade? This year, the heads of several prominent nations were scheduled to attend this parade. To welcome them, the government arranged a lavish display of culture and heritage of the country.

Example number 2 of 8:  The lavish lifestyle of the family resulted in a heavy leverage from banks and eventually they became bankrupt (means were left with no money). When they analysed retrospectively, they realised their mistake.

Example number 3 of 8: The religious leader received extremely lavish gifts from his followers on the occasion of his birthday. He thanked them, but declined to accept the same. Instead, he asked them to contribute to a charitable foundation.

Example number 4 of 8:  The scientists of the country managed to launch a space shuttle with most economical budget. They were congratulated by the entire country and the President was lavish in his praise towards them.

Example number 5 of 8: The diamond merchant held a lavish wedding for his only daughter. It was attended by distinguished celebrities of the city and was talk of the town.

Example number 6 of 8: The eminent movie maker always had a dream of making a musical extravaganza. He collaborated with foreign investors and completed a lavish production schedule. The movie received a phenomenal response from the viewers.

Example number 7 of 8:  Ninad travelled to a village to visit his friend’s farmhouse. The road to the farmhouse was uneven. But, when he reached the location, he was surprised to see such a lavish setup in a rural area.

Example number 8 of 8: The beauty spa opened its tenth branch at a conspicuous location. They invited a leading actress for the inauguration. The owner instructed his staff to arrange a lavish function as a part of the publicity.     

Today we learnt the word lavish which means: large, impressive or expensive, very generous, elaborate, luxurious, using or giving in large amounts.

Can you frame 3 sentences with lavish and type in the comments box? We are waiting.

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